City adopts sidewalk plan

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
— The Janesville City Council sets its new sidewalk plan into motion amid concern over a $185 permit fee.

The fee would cover inspections for property owners who choose to hire private contractors to install the sidewalks, rather than use the city program. Councilmember Paul Williams says he'd like to investigate what other cities charge for the permits. Williams says the only comparison he was able to make was Kenosha's $45 fee. While the council approved the sidewalk plan, it did not approve the permit fee. That will be determined in about 60 days.

Sidewalks won't be installed at property owners' expense until 2009, unless there's a public safety hazard involved or petition for the sidewalk. The delay for unfunded sidewalks will allow time for property owners to make financial decisions about the project.

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