Janesville resident gets Real (World)

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Friday, January 11, 2008
— Really!

A Janesville resident appears to be a cast member on MTV's popular "The Real World."

Brittini Sherrod, 22, is listed as a cast member on several Web sites, and hints of her possible involvement also are on her own MySpace blog.

The reality show plunks seven young strangers into homes in locations around the world, where they live and work together. "The Real World Hollywood" is the show's 20th season and is set to premiere sometime this year.

The subsequent dynamics among the new roommates—the angst, friendships, fights, sexual liaisons—become the show.

Brittini Sherrod is well known in Janesville from her days of playing basketball at Parker High School.

She has been a model since young and was featured in an article in 2000 when she was a freshman at Parker. She told the Gazette then that her goal was to become a supermodel like Tyra Banks.

Brittini is the daughter of Lori Steinke and Kelvin Sherrod. On MySpace, Brittini said she attends Arizona State University and lists her hometown as Tempe. She is majoring in psychology.

Calls to Brittini, her mom, her dad, and "The Real World" were not returned. But it is customary for reality shows to keep their cast members under tight wraps while filming and even as the show airs.

The cast apparently has been living in a "green" house on Sunset Boulevard and working in a Hollywood comedy club.

Vevmo.com lists Brittini as a member of the cast, as does wikipedia.org.

MTV has not verified the identities of the cast members.

According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, MTV officials have said the majority of cast members chosen for "The Real World Hollywood" are entertainment types who can take advantage of Los Angeles to forward their careers.

"On Dec. 5, the cast was filmed performing at this season's workplace iO West, a comedy club in Hollywood, orchestrating a sketch as the comedy troupe Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," according to Wikipedia.

According to the Web site mtvrealityblog.blogspot.com:

"Filming for the milestone 20th season of ‘The Real World' is well under way with new housemates Brittini, Will, Kimberly, Dave, Brianna, Nick and Sarah, as revealed by The Josh Place. Greg, the winner of ‘The Real World' online casting, was kicked off the show after he was fired from the group's job at the iO West comedy troupe, a Los Angeles division of the famous iO in Chicago. It seems like the cast has been seen at several improv shows, and most of the response has been negative due to their horrible comedy skills."

The skit can be seen on YouTube.

Brittini's own Web site on myspace.com includes photos of others who also are mentioned on other sites as cast members.

Nick Brown is pictured with the message: "I am so missing my Hollywood roomie. The only girl who didn't mind sleeping through my sexcapades ... " A second apparent cast member, Kimberly Alexander, is also on Brittini's site.

Says Brittini on her Web site: "I am interested in people who are real.”

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