Google reveals its most popular searches of 2007

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Friday, January 11, 2008
— Forget about the presidential preferences of Iowa, New Hampshire and Wyoming.

Ron Paul, Fred Thompson and Hillary Clinton are the favorites of Googleonians, at least in terms of the billions of inquiries made in 2007 to the popular search engine.

Google recently released its 2007 Zeitgeist, the most popular of billions of search queries that offer a "glimpse of what’s been on our collective consciousness."

Other than the searches for Ron Paul and "who is god," which both topped their categories, it appears that there’s not much of great importance on our consciousness.

Take, for instance, the top global searches of Google News. "American Idol" led the way, followed by YouTube, Britney Spears, the 2007 Cricket World Cup and Chris Benoit. Iran grabbed the ninth spot, trailing searches for iPhone, Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton but just ahead of Vanessa Hudgens.

Speaking of Spears, she generated more Google interest than either Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Spears had big-time search spikes in February, when she lost her locks, and again in September after her dazed performance on the MTV Music Awards.

Desperate shoppers gave the Wii gaming system a big spike late in the year, while HD DVD held an edge over Blu-Ray in the video technology debate that conjures up images of VHS versus Betamax for those who pre-date Google.

As for TV and what’s on it, searchers favored LCD over plasma and "Heroes," "Lost" and "House" over "Bones," "Scrubs" and "Caveman."

With the new year upon on us, the jury’s still out on how the Googleonians are acting upon their resolutions.

Weight Watchers was the heavy hitter among diet searches. Rounding out the top 10 were Jenny Craig, Volumetrics, Slim Fast, Atkins diet, Beck diet, Ornish diet, Zone diet, Best Life diet and Mediterranean diet. Combine them all, and maybe there’s a best seller for 2008.

Pilates was the fitness search leader, followed by Bikram yoga, spinning, cross fit and zumba.

Any good story must answer basic questions: who, what, where, when, why and how. Zeitgeist covers three of those and their top searches:

Who is god? Who is who? Who is lookup? Who is Jesus? Who is it?

What is love? What is autism? What is RSS? What is lupus? What is sap?

How to kiss. How to draw. How to knit. How to dance.

As for the rest, the "where" was on Google, the "when" was 2007 and the "why" was anyone’s guess.

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