Progressive Web site lauds Sen. Robson

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sen. Judy Robson lost a big fight last year. She paid for it by being removed from one of Wisconsin’s most politically powerful positions.

But it was a good fight, and a vital one, according to the editors of FightingBob.com, who named Robson one of their two People of the Year.

FightingBob.com calls itself a Web site of progressive commentary, named for Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, the populist governor, U.S. Senator and presidential candidate from Wisconsin who founded the Progressive Party.

Robson, a Democrat from Beloit, represents the 15th Senate District, which includes parts of Rock and Walworth counties.

As majority leader of the Senate, Robson led a fight for Healthy Wisconsin, a plan that sought to provide health coverage to every resident of the state.

The editors of FightingBob.com said her stand showed vision and courage, even though the plan was rejected in the face of opposition from the health-care industry and most Republicans.

“Robson advocated for Healthy Wisconsin in the face of much consternation and personal risk,” wrote the FightingBob editors. “Indeed, she no longer has the title of Senate majority leader, having been ousted in the budget stalemate’s aftermath. Robson is no longer the leader even though what she did is the definition of leadership. …

“Robson took a seemingly intractable problem, helped develop a solution and catapulted the solution to a place where it suddenly seems hopeful.”

“Healthy Wisconsin did not make it into the final budget bill this time, but some day it will be the law in Wisconsin,” the editors wrote. “When that day comes, we will all have Judy Robson … to thank.”

The Web site’s other person of the year was Jeremy Schall, for writing “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.”

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