MySpace takes local advertising to whole new level

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Stacy Vogel
Saturday, January 5, 2008
— Adam Riley and Jake Bussie were gathering customers for their business before it even opened.

The two opened Alkali Tattoo, 16 S. Main St., Janesville, in spring of 2006, but they created a MySpace page for the business months before that.

“Our opening day, there was quite a buzz, and we’ve been successfully bringing in customers and people from MySpace ever since,” Riley said.

Once the haven of young people looking to express themselves, MySpace.com and other social networking sites, such as Facebook, are increasingly becoming advertising tools for businesses.

Businesses can create profiles just like individuals and post pictures, contact information and other tidbits. People can “friend” them and post comments to their pages.

In Janesville, businesses with MySpace pages tend to cater to the young. Examples include Alkali, The Exclusive Company (a music store) and Quotes Bar & Grill.

That’s certainly the case with Quotes, 24 N. Main St., said owner Denise Carpenter. Carpenter’s children and bartenders convinced her to create a page more than two years ago. A family friend, Stacy Danielson, maintains it, she said.

Danielson updates the page weekly with events and news, Carpenter said.

“There’s so many kids that want to know what special things are going on in a particular weekend,” she said. “This is how they get their information. They don’t necessarily read papers or listen to the same radio station.”

Brian Brown, a Janesville blog consultant, says he discourages his clients from getting MySpace pages because the number of users is going down and search engines tend to weed them out. He does, however, recommend clients create Facebook profiles because the site is more business-friendly, he said.

But Carpenter hasn’t had any trouble finding viewers for her MySpace page, she said.

“We have a regular Web site, but that doesn’t get as much activity as MySpace does,” she said.

For Riley and Bussie, MySpace offers a free showcase for their work, Riley said. They post art on the page, and customers post pictures of their tattoos.

“It’s just been a great way to get our name out, and it’s free of charge, so you can’t beat that,” Riley said.

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