Every race contested for Walworth County Board

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Mike Heine
Thursday, January 3, 2008
— Fifteen challengers and 16 incumbents will look to be the face of the new 11-member Walworth County Board.

Nine incumbents, with nearly 120 years of combined experience, will not run again.

A citizen referendum cut the board from 25 to 11 supervisors after last April's election.

Ten of the 11 districts have at least one incumbent seeking reelection, and 10 districts have newcomers running.

Only District 1 in northeastern Walworth County has two incumbents without a challenger. District 5 in the western half of the county has two newcomers and no incumbents.

"We've had instances before where ‘what if all new people win seats?'" County Administrator David Bretl said. "Typically that's not what happens. Typically it's a combination of both (newcomers and incumbents)."

Citizens for Responsible Government, a conservative taxpayers' rights group, initiated and promoted the downsizing.

"Everything is shaping up the way we expected it to," said Bret Strong, chairman of CRG's Walworth County chapter. "We have enough people who don't like what's going on. It's going to be a helluva change."

Strong had promised to find candidates, but he would not say which candidates, if any, came forward as a result of CRG's efforts.

Most of the incumbent board members had promoted keeping the board the same size or at least waiting until after the 2010 census, when district lines would need to be redrawn.

The board chose not to downsize itself. Doing so would have negated any referendum attempt.

People shouldn't expect a drastic reduction in their taxes just because there is a smaller board, said Supervisor Allen Morrison, who will not run for the first time since being elected in 1980. Residents' demand for services—such as a nursing home, countywide zoning and a school for children with disabilities—is too high, he said.

"In my opinion, it was a mistake to make such a drastic reduction," he said. "I think we were functioning really well with 25. I felt things were going along really well. But there was a certain element that thought we didn't know what we were doing and pushed for the downsizing."

Despite the downsizing, the number of candidates coming forward hasn't changed much.

In 2002, when the board was reduced from 35 to 25, 44 candidates ran in 16 contested races.

In 2004, the board had 36 candidates, and in 2006 the board had 28 candidates running for 25 seats.

This is the first year in recent memory where every race is contested.

Districts 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11 will have primaries in February.

The candidates are:

District 1: Incumbent Stanley A. Muzatko, N8825 Townline Road, East Troy, and incumbent Rick Stacey, N8750 Thiede Road, East Troy. Incumbent Joyce Ketchpaw, 3057 South St., East Troy, is not running.
District 2: Incumbent Joe Schaefer, 6070 N. Railroad St., Lyons; newcomer Jim C. Simons, N6292 Paradise Drive, Burlington; former Supervisor Bill Norem, N6422 Cobb Road, Elkhorn, and newcomer Terry Wilson, N6500 Church Road, Burlington. Incumbent Roy T. Lightfield, W1706 Potter Road, Burlington, is not running.
District 3: Incumbent Ann Lohrmann, N7816 Westshore Drive, Elkhorn; newcomer Frederick Mark Bromley, W5838 Greening Road, Whitewater, and newcomer Craig Stauffer, 437 S. Whiton St., Whitewater. Incumbents Robert W. Arnold, N6202 Foster Road, Elkhorn, and Sandra Wagie-Troemel, 210 E. Parkside Drive, Whitewater, are not running.
District 4: Incumbent Jerry A. Grant, 392 S. Buckingham Blvd., Whitewater, and newcomer Jim Stewart, 745 W. Center St., Whitewater. Incumbent Art Lein, 187 N. Fremont St., Whitewater, is not running.
District 5: Newcomer Leo Lembitz, N6000 Delaney Road, Delavan, and newcomer Claudia J. Holst, N7761 E. Lake Shore Drive, Whitewater. Incumbent Richard Kuhnke Sr., W8175 R&D Townline Road, Delavan, is not running.
District 6: Incumbent Larry Hilbelink, 215 S. Washington St., Elkhorn; incumbent Kathy Ingersoll, 303 Randall Place, Elkhorn, and newcomer Robert Grohall, 16 S. Jackson St., Elkhorn.
District 7: Incumbent David A. Weber, 2789 Theatre Road, Williams Bay; newcomer Sonja Berg-Schlesner, W3769 Locust Drive, Lake Geneva, and newcomer James P. D'Alessandro, 60 Johnson Terrace, Williams Bay. Incumbent Margaret C. Downing, W3754 South Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, is not running.
District 8: Incumbent Joseph C. Guido Sr., 810 Racine St., Delavan; incumbent Dorothy C. Burwell, N4836 County O, Delavan; incumbent Daniel G. Kilkenny, N3616 Elm Ridge Road, Delavan, and former Supervisor Jerry Waelti, 115 Spring Drive, Delavan.
District 9: Incumbent Jim Van Dreser, N1937 Highway 14, Walworth, and newcomer Robert Carlson, 128 Martin St., Sharon. Incumbent Allen L. Morrison, N768 County K, Sharon, is not running.
District 10: Incumbent Pauline Parker, 613 Franklin St., Genoa City; incumbent Randy A. Hawkins, W1058 Evergreen Road, Pell Lake, and newcomer Elizabeth Lyons, 323 Southeastern Court, Genoa City. Incumbent Allan Polyock, N146 Bissell Road, Lake Geneva, is not running.
District 11: Incumbent Nancy Russell, 1720 Fairview Drive, Lake Geneva; incumbent Alan Kupsik, 717 S. Lake Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, and newcomer Spyro Condos, 1760 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Geneva.
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