Potholes plague Highway 14

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Friday, February 29, 2008
— It’s like Highway 14 is melting before our eyes.

Families of potholes are multiplying along the state road east of Janesville.

And it probably will get worse before it gets better, because repairs aren’t scheduled until September.

“I know it’s in poor condition. It’s in poor shape,” said Todd Matheson, Rock County project supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. “I drove it Monday night.”

Potholes and road deterioration come from a combination of factors, said Rick Marz, roadway operations engineer for the southwest region—including Rock County—with the DOT.

As the road ages, snow and water creep into the cracks. When it gets cold, the ice “pops” and a pothole is born, Marz said.

The DOT plans to mill and repave Highway 14 east of Janesville from County O in La Prairie Township to Highway 89 in Walworth County’s Darien Township between September and October of this year. Crews will grind down the surface of the 10.5-mile stretch and coat it with fresh pavement.

The project cost is estimated at $2.5 million.

Crews will patch some of the worst potholes this summer, Matheson said. But even the repave is a temporary fix.

This year, the DOT will wrap up a five-year study on a corridor along highways 14 and 11 from just west of Janesville to the Interstate 43/Highway 14 interchange in Darien.

The DOT is looking at the possibility of connecting Highway 14 to the Highway 11 bypass on Janesville’s west side as well as studying highway use, regional needs and transportation alternatives.

So this summer’s project is just a seven- to 10-year fix to make Highway 14 drivable, Matheson said.

“We don’t want to throw a lot of money into something we’re going to change,” Matheson said.

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