Council hires firm to search for Sheiffer’s replacement

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A search firm will help the city council find a replacement for City Manager Steve Sheiffer.

Sheiffer will retire Sept. 2, although that date may be earlier if he has vacation days remaining.

The council voted Monday to hire The PAR Group of Lake Bluff, Ill. Sue Musick, director of personnel, said the city has experience with the company and has been satisfied with the results.

Oshkosh has hired the same company to find a city manager.

Musick presented a timeline that seats Sheiffer’s replacement no later than October.

The cost for the search is estimated at $25,000 to $30,000, including advertising and candidate travel.

Sheiffer noted that the hire would be the ninth manager in the history of Janesville.

“Only eight other councils have selected a city manager,” he said.

Sheiffer told the council he would have the 2009 budget mostly written by the time he leaves, although it likely will need fine-tuning by finance department staff. The budget will be introduced on its normal schedule in October, he said.

“We’ll concentrate on the (city) business to give you the maximum amount of time you need to choose a new city manager,” Sheiffer said.

“You can count on the city employees and department heads to ensure a successful transition and continuation of services. There will be no breakdown in services under their leadership.”

Three new council members will be seated in April, but the current council decided Monday to at least get the process started.

Council President George Brunner addressed the six council candidates sitting in the audience, assuring them they would not miss the important parts of the process.

New council members would be seated in time for the important task of writing the recruitment profile, he said. That means they will help decide compensation and benefits and desired candidate qualities.

The council also will decide how much resident participation to allow.

“I think it’s very important that the selection of the city manager be as public as possible, and that we discuss the issues in public,” Brunner said.

Sheiffer gets 3 percent raise

City Manager Steve Sheiffer is retiring Sept. 2 but received a 3 percent raise at his annual review during closed session Monday.

George Brunner, council president, said Sheiffer may be retiring, but he is entitled to his annual review and cost of living increase just like other employees.

“We discussed his performance and expressed satisfaction with the city manager’s performance and with the accomplishments of the past year,” Brunner said.

Sheiffer may leave earlier than Sept. 2 depending on remaining vacation days.

The 3 percent raise is an additional $4,297 a year, putting his salary at $147,518.

He also receives a $5,000 car allowance.

In addition, the council agreed to buy back any unused sick days up to 100 days at $25 per day for a maximum of $2,500.

“The council evaluated the city manager,” Brunner said. “The council was satisfied with the manager’s performance.”

Brunner said 3 percent is the same cost-of-living wage increase that other non-union employees received in January.

Council members were unanimous in their satisfaction and with the compensation package, Brunner said.

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