More snow expected to hit area tonight

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Monday, February 25, 2008
— The good news is it will be over by morning.

The bad news? By that time, Janesville will have 6 to 8 more inches of snow.

The National Weather Service in Sullivan has issued a winter storm warning through tonight for Rock County and others along the Illinois border.

“After midnight or 2 a.m., that’s really when it should slow down,” said meteorologist Chris Franks. “Certainly by tomorrow morning, there shouldn’t be much left.”

The Janesville area will be the hardest hit, Franks said. Depths will taper off at 3 to 6 inches near Madison and less farther north, according the weather service’s Web site.

I’m pretending it’s a geological experiment. I don’t know about your driveway, but ours is a little glacier. It’s full of ridges and valleys, and it’s pushing gravel out in the road where it will create a moraine. We will hike there this spring.

The storm is spinning up a favorite path from Texas and Oklahoma to Indiana, Franks said. The low-pressure zones bring a mix of precipitation as they cross the plains, he said.

As the winds in the low-pressure zone spin counter-clockwise, they push mild air out in front of the low spot, he said, giving the storm a chance to pick up moisture.

“The air is pretty juicy,” Franks said.

The upper-level winds steer the low-pressure zones, he said. This winter, the jet stream has been stuck in an arch from the southwest over the Great Lakes, meteorologist Steve Davis previously told The Janesville Gazette.

“We’ve been kind of in a favorable track,” Franks said. “It’s just been kind of an unlucky pattern if you don’t like the snow.”

The pattern has pushed twice the normal amount of snow across Wisconsin, according to the National Weather Service’s Web site.

Rock County has gotten 70 to 80 inches of snow this winter compared to its normal 30 to 40 inches, according to the site.

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