High-profile road fixes scheduled

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Monday, February 25, 2008
— Janesville’s director of public works couldn’t find the words to describe the mile of Racine Street between Wright Road and Highway 14.

“Nothing I can say will express very well how bad the pavement is out there,” Jack Messer said.

Council President George Brunner agreed at a recent council meeting.

“That road really has taken a hit this winter,” Brunner said.

The road is a state road, and the state has scheduled construction to begin in May and end in August.

These are descriptions of that work and other city roadwork scheduled for the upcoming construction season.

“There’s some pretty high-profile street projects out there,” Messer said.

-- Racine Street from Wright Road to Highway 14.

The state will rebuild the road with no added lanes or curb and gutter. A turn lane will be added at Wuthering Hills Drive.

“It’s been in pretty dire need of work for some time,” Messer said. “It’s just shot.”

State officials told Messer they plan a detour during construction.

The city requested and the state agreed to add a light at the intersection of highways 11 and 14. Messer said the city had received comments from residents about the darkness in that area.

-- Rotamer Road just east of North Wright Road to Town Hall Road.

The project is about 3,390 feet long. The existing asphalt pavement and rural cross-section will be replaced with a 48-foot-wide urban road including curb and gutter, storm sewer and sidewalks.

Total cost is $1.89 million, with the state picking up 80 percent of the cost. The city’s share is $424,900.

-- Wright Road from Milwaukee Street to Highway 14. “Most people recognize the joint failures we’re having out there,” Messer said. “Wright Road has got that kind of ‘bump, bump, bump.’ It’s in pretty bad shape.”

The city will remove the pavement, fix the base and build it back up.

-- Randall Avenue from Memorial Drive to Ruger Avenue. The money to repair this road comes from the state’s Local Road Improvement Program. This is also a major reconstruction.

-- Ruger Avenue from Garfield to Randall avenues. Some exceptionally bad sections will be replaced and the rest will be resurfaced.

In addition, the city has scheduled its regular resurfacing projects and intermittent curb and gutter work.

The city borrowed $200,000 in 2008 and will pay for the rest of the roadwork from the general fund for a total of $1.4 million.

Click here to see a map of all scheduled street work (large file)

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