Kilkenny controls District 8 race

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Mike Heine
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
— Incumbent Dan Kilkenny took an early and large lead in the District 8 race and never relinquished it.

Kilkenny took the top spot in a race against two fellow incumbents and a former board supervisor with 777 votes.

Former Supervisor Jerry A. Waelti came in second with 409 votes.

Rounding out the field were incumbents Joseph C. Guido Sr., 312 votes, and Dorothy C. Burwell, 246 votes.

Kilkenny, a one-termer and sitting chairman of the Walworth County Smart Growth Technical Advisory Committee, ran on a platform of protecting the future of the county.

“I am running because I care about Delavan and I care about Walworth County,” he said at a Feb. 5 candidate’s forum. “I care about our children, and I care about our future generations.

“I think the biggest issue facing Walworth County is preserving the quality of life that we have been blessed with. If you think about it, there really is no other issue than the quality of life we have.”

He also thought the transition to a smaller board is important.

“Going from 25 board members to 11 will require supervisors who are very dedicated, competent, knowledgeable and accessible to constituents. Each supervisor’s vote will now be more important,” he told The Janesville Gazette in an earlier interview. “The board oversees a budget of over $150 million. Qualifications and financial experience are more important than sound-bites.”

In a written statement, he said: “I am glad the voters have expressed confidence in my representation on the county board the last two years and the strong stands I have taken on the issues. I look forward to debating the issues for the general election in April. I hope we have a clean campaign.”

Kilkenny was first elected in 2006, defeating Waelti, then an incumbent, by 31 votes.

Waelti said he was disappointed he didn’t come closer to Kilkenny on Tuesday but is ready for a rematch.

“I have a stance that I feel is worthy of my election to the county board,” he said.

Waelti’s goals are to restrict tax increases, protect farmland and continue industry growth.

“I feel strongly that we could and should help the industries that are here,” said Waelti, president of the Walworth County Economic Development Alliance. “They are here; they have employees here and are familiar with our values.

“And then (we need to) go after other industries out of the state and out of the county, bring them to Walworth County to increase the number of better jobs and attract higher-paying jobs,” he said.

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