Candidate claims letter was libelous

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Saturday, February 16, 2008
— The Walworth County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a possible defamation case targeted against Spyro ‘Speedo’ Condos, a candidate for Lake Geneva mayor and Walworth County Board.

Condos filed a complaint with the district attorney’s office Tuesday claiming he was libeled by an anonymous letter sent to an unknown number of Lake Geneva residents.

The letters, which Condos suspects were sent to registered voters in the city, listed his name and address as the return address.

District Attorney Phil Koss said Condos may have a case, but the sheriff’s department is investigating.

“You can’t intentionally misrepresent things in political documents,” Koss said.

He said Condos might also consider a civil action against whoever sent the letter.

“It might be misappropriation of identity,” Koss said.

Capt. Dana Nigbor, head of the detective bureau, said her staff is investigating defamation, a possible misdemeanor.

“I’ve read the letter. It absolutely has some very mean-spirited content to it,” she said.

The department has contacted the U.S. Postal Service about potential mail fraud related to the return address.

Luke Zouvas, Condos’ attorney, wondered if the letters are related to a death threat Condos received last year. He called it bullying.

“They’re trying to knock him out of the race before it even begins,” Zouvas said. “It’s sad that it has to come to this in his town, to send out a defamatory piece like this with his return address on it.”

The letter attacks and makes false accusations about Condos personally and about his time spent in office as mayor, Condos said.

“It seems like every time I step out of the box there is a small, little group that tries to destroy me,” Condos said.

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