After the storm: How bad was it?

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday's snowstorm was so bad that:

-- A Green County snowplow went off Highway 59 and down an embankment, according to the sheriff’s department. The snowplow overturned, coming to rest on its roof. The driver was not injured. The plow was damaged and was left at the scene.

-- Walworth County dispatched an “attempt-to-locate” a reckless driver who was reportedly driving west on Interstate 43 with his head outside the window to see. The other windows on the small green car were snow-covered. It is unclear if police found the frozen-faced driver.

-- A Rock County dispatcher calling in more vehicle run-offs around 2:15 p.m. got a reply from an emergency responder who said it was getting so bad that he couldn’t see the cars in the ditch anymore.

-- A fresh pallet of snow-melt bags half disappeared from Ace Hardware on Milwaukee Street in Janesville on Wednesday afternoon. When a customer walked in around suppertime and looked a bit puzzled, a longtime employee pointed him in the direction of snow-blower oil.

How did the worker know?

“That's what everyone's after,” the employee said. “Take two.”

-- Mocha Moment, 1121 Center Ave., offered all city of Janesville snowplow drivers free coffee.

-- The Janesville Gazette suspended delivery of Wednesday’s paper. General Manager Dave Johnson said he could not remember that happening in his 38 years with the paper.

Wednesday’s edition will be delivered together with today’s Gazette.

-- The city of Janesville canceled trash and recyclables collections two days in a row. Residents who usually have their trash collected Wednesday were asked on Tuesday to put their stuff at the curb on Thursday. But on Wednesday, the city announced the cancellation of Thursday pickup.

Now, Wednesday pickup is delayed until next Wednesday, and Thursday pickup is delayed until next Thursday.

If that doesn’t clear things up for you, call the City Services Center at (608) 755-3110.

-- WCLO/WJVL radio stations were so swamped with cancellation and delay notices that staff suspended posting of “all non-vital announcements.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and suggest that you call ahead if you do plan to venture out. Travel, however, is not recommended…” the stations said on their Web sites.

-- A plow truck got stuck in Sugar Creek Township in Walworth County on Wednesday morning and needed assistance from county plow crews to get out.

-- Another plow driver south of Darien slid into a ditch to avoid a swerving car. “I thought I was going to dump there,” the driver said before reporting he made it out OK.

-- An Elkhorn patrol car has a new paint mark on its front bumper. An officer was heading to the scene of a runoff at the intersection of Interstate 43 and Highway 67. A car failed to stop at the intersection of Geneva and Lincoln streets and was tagged by the slow-moving squad car. No citations were issued.

-- A resident of Eastwood Avenue in Janesville helped a city plow driver push out a neighbor's car stuck in the street so the plow could proceed at about 7 a.m. today.

The plow driver yawned as he returned to his idling truck.

“Working overtime?” the Eastwood resident asked, giving the driver a supportive pat on the back and already knowing the answer.

“I've been doing this since 8 a.m. yesterday,” the plow driver replied.

—Gazette staff members Gina Duwe, Mike Heine, Greg Peck, Frank Schultz and Greg Peck contributed these items.

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