Janesville braces for another big snowfall

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
— Dear Mother Nature:

OK, we get it. It's winter in Wisconsin, but enough already!

We are about to have our 23rd day of rain or snow since we celebrated the new year. If you haven't kept track, we've had more than 4 feet of snow this winter. When just one-tenth of an inch shows up today, you'll have given us more snow this winter than all of last winter.

Hate to break it to you, but if you were up for re-election today, you would not carry the state of Wisconsin.

Meteorologist Steve Davis of the National Weather Service tells us to expect 10 inches of snow in the Janesville area with upwards of 12 inches around Lake Geneva. Apparently you plan to start dumping the white stuff in earnest after 6 p.m., dropping it quite heavy overnight before finally tapering it off around noon Wednesday.

But that's not enough for you.

You want to throw strong northeast winds at us after the storm to cause drifting, which will be a problem for those snowplow drivers trying to keep the roads clear.

What did we do to you to earn this? Can we make it up somehow?

You leave Davis to blame it on a low pressure system tracking from northern Arkansas across Illinois up to Indiana and Ohio, filled with a lot of moisture from the upper and lower levels of the atmosphere.

"Kind of a classic track to bring snow to southern Wisconsin," is how he put it. "A lot of factors that just come together."

The forecaster tells us there's nothing unusual about this storm, but it's the very active pattern you've put us in all winter that's getting to us.

"More active than usual," Davis said, with no indication that the active pattern is going to break down anytime soon.

It's more or less the way you set up the jet stream, coming out of the southwestern states, arching up into the Great Lakes, and making it stick there, Davis said.

That's why it's been such a snowy winter—already the ninth snowiest winter on our books since 1948.

Maybe we should thank you for planning to not send us any snow for the next week after this storm.

Nah. Because instead you'll just send us into a "chill down" for the weekend—single digits Saturday night with highs struggling to reach 20, Davis said.

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