Inman Parkway could get busier

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Monday, February 4, 2008
— Sure, extending Inman Parkway east to Shopiere Road would make it easier for residents to get to the Interstate.

But many people living along the residential parkway between Prairie Avenue and Riverside Drive in Beloit Township think increased traffic would be a hazard to the neighborhood.

Rock County is considering extending Inman west from Prairie Avenue to a point near Interstate 90/39. Increased Interstate access could be good for businesses in the township.

But the Beloit Town Board shares residents’ concerns that the project would make a nightmare out of traffic in front of the Turner middle/high school building, 1231 Inman Parkway, and through the residential neighborhood that includes Powers Elementary School, 620 Hillside Drive.

In January, Town Administrator Bob Museus wrote a letter on behalf of the town board to Rock County Public Works Director Ben Coopman. The letter demands a traffic analysis of Inman Parkway and a study to ensure Inman is the best place for an extension.

The letter suggests Philhower Road, which is south of Inman and less residential, as a possible better location for the project.

“The town of Beloit supports a new thoroughfare from Prairie Avenue to Interstate 90,” Museus wrote. “Such a connection will provide benefit to the residents and businesses of the town, improve regional access to Beloit Hospital, enhance our community’s development and provide a ‘shot in the arm’ to the businesses located in the Prairie Avenue corridor.”

The board has expressed frustration at its lack of involvement.

Until the design is done, it’s unclear where Inman would connect to Shopiere Road, but it could cross Creek Road and Turtle Creek, Coopman told The Janesville Gazette in November.

The project is estimated at $6.5 million.

It could take two years to design the plan, which would address environmental, archaeological and agricultural impacts from the new road, Coopman said.

The Rock County Public Works Committee would have the final say on the project. If it were approved, the county would have to apply for additional federal money for construction, Coopman said.

What they’re saying

People who live along Inman Parkway between Prairie Avenue and Riverside Drive said:

“I’m concerned about the number of children walking through here. They go dashing across the street. Any more or faster traffic would be hazardous.”—Winnie Denninger

“The police aren’t enforcing the “no trucks” rule. Trucks going up to the industrial area are supposed to take alternate routes. This is a parkway. Trucks are hard on the road, and this would make it worse.—John Denninger

“I don’t want it. I’ll never get out of my driveway. I’m already afraid to back out of here. I’m even more concerned about the kids walking to school.”

“On Friday morning at 7:45, there were 20 cars backed up at Inman Parkway and Park Street. That’s not going to go down.”—Marcy Tobias

“Well, now to get to Shopiere Road, I have to drive over to the hospital. It’s a whole four blocks. It would be nice, I guess, to have a straight shot.

“But we already have trucks driving through here. We would definitely have a lot more. A ton of trucks.”—Bill Philips

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