Nigerian scam targets Lake Geneva woman

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Kayla Bunge
Sunday, December 28, 2008
— An overseas scam turned scary for a Lake Geneva woman.

A 49-year-old woman called police Dec. 20 after receiving a “death threat” call to her cell phone, according to a press release from the Lake Geneva Police Department. While she was telling a detective about the incident, she received another call, and the detective listened to the conversation, the release said.

The caller with a foreign accent told the woman that someone close to her had paid him $12,000 “to do the job.” He told the woman that if she paid him $6,000 he would not kill her and instead would give her the name of the person who wanted her killed, the release said.

He told the woman to check her e-mail for further instructions.

The woman and the detective checked the woman’s e-mail and found a message from “Don Kill,” the release said.

The e-mail instructed the woman to send $6,000 to an address in London. The e-mail also said the name of the person who wanted the woman killed would be sent via DHL or FedEx.

Police traced the cell phone call to Turkey or Nigeria and the e-mail to Nigeria, according to the release.

Lake Geneva police now believe the call and e-mail are the latest in a series of scams originating in Nigeria.

The incident marked the first appearance of this type of scam in the Lake Geneva area, according to the release.

People who receive similar phone calls or e-mails should immediately contact authorities, police said. People also may file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center by going to www.ic3.gov.

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