Three teaching positions could fall under the axe

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December 8, 2008
— Three teachers assigned to meet the needs of talented and gifted students would be cut from the Janesville School District’s 2009-10 budget under an administrative proposal.

The cuts are listed in a memo about teacher staffing that will be presented to the school board Tuesday night.

Three teachers are now assigned to meet the needs of talented and gifted students at the city’s 12 elementary schools.

The three would be replaced by “instructional managers” for the talented and gifted, said Steve Salerno, director of administrative and human services.

The plan would broaden the numbers of students who benefit from talented-and-gifted programming and broaden the scope of services, Salerno said.

“And we anticipate it might even save some money for the district, given the current economic conditions,” Salerno said.

The proposal calls for two TAG instructional managers at each elementary school, three for each middle school, four for each high school and one for Rock River Charter School.

The existing TAG teachers cover only the elementary schools, and they are spread thin, Salerno said. Each is responsible for four schools.

The TAG teachers are spread thin because of previous cutbacks. The district planned at one time to increase the number of TAG teachers, but budget constraints led to a cut from five teachers to four in 2003. Another position was cut in the 2007-08 budget.

The three TAG teachers have enough experience in the district that they would be placed in other teaching jobs next fall, according to the terms of the contract, Salerno said.

Instructional managers are paid $1,127 a year in the first two years and $1,288 for the following three years. They are paid $1,449 in subsequent years, Salerno said.

An outside review of the district’s programs for the talented and gifted was conducted a year ago.

When the review was presented to the school board last January, Ruth Robinson, who coordinates the district’s programs for the gifted, asked the board to hold off on cutting the TAG budget in 2008-09, to allow time to look for ways to restructure the program.

The staffing proposal could be discussed when the board’s personnel committee meets at 5:50 p.m. Tuesday at Parker High School and also at the main board meeting at 7 p.m.

The board has time to consider the proposal. The board would approve the teacher-staffing plan April 14 under a proposed schedule that also will be presented to the board Tuesday.

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