For sale: tube televisions

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Ted Sullivan
Monday, December 8, 2008
— Richard Fero wants to buy a new high-definition, flat-panel television.

Theyve got pictures on there that are so lifelike, the Whitewater resident said. It seems like it would be impossible to get a picture that clear.

Fero is ready to upgrade, but he has one problem: No one wants to buy his outdated, oversized, 32-inch tube television and entertainment center.

He is among dozens of people in southern Wisconsin trying to sell their tube televisions or entertainment centers in classified ads or online.

The old, bulky relics have become obsolete at a time when new televisions can be mounted on walls or above fireplaces.

And the competition to sell tube televisions is tough with a saturated market, while flat-panel televisions have become more affordable.

Fero has been trying to sell his television and entertainment center for a year. The entertainment center has shelves, doors and storage space. He bought the whole package 10 years ago.

Three or four people have called, but they offer little money or dont want the entire set.

Theyre just like a dime a dozen, Fero said. If it doesnt sell, then Ill run it until it dies.

Paul Cox of Janesville is trying to sell his 27-inch tube television for $175. He bought it a year ago. He decided its too big for his living room.

If he sells his television, hell eventually upgrade to a flat-panel model that swallows less space.

After one week of advertising, no one is biting.

Its not too frustrating, Cox said. I still use it.

Lisa Stratton of Janesville is selling a 27-inch tube television for $75. She has been advertising the sale for more than a week, but no one has called.

Its just an extra TV sitting downstairs that were not using, and you know, money is tight these days with the economy and everything, Stratton said.

Eventually, she thinks it will sell. If not, she will advertise it for sale at work or hold a rummage sale in the spring. She also could keep it in case her current television breaks.

Im not going to stress over it, Stratton said.

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