Local author to speak about diversity

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Friday, August 29, 2008
— New faces.

New languages.

New places of origin.

America is becoming more diverse, and that’s good news, says local author Dominic Pulera.

Some see diversity as a threat to American culture or values. Pulera says it’s all good.

In fact, it will make America stronger, said Pulera, who will bring that message in a free speech in Janesville on Thursday night.

“We are in a very interesting moment in our nation’s history,” Pulera said in an interview with The Janesville Gazette.

People of color are becoming more numerous and visible.

“I believe this is something that’s very positive, and I also believe things are going well,” he said.

Pulera graduated from Delavan-Darien High School in 1991 and from Beloit College in 1995, with a degree in history.

He has parlayed his boyhood love of American history and world cultures in to a one-man business. He is finishing his third book about demographic change, and he works as an independent international business consultant.

Pulera has written two scholarly tomes: “Sharing the Dream: White Males in Multicultural America,” and “Visible Differences: Why Race Will Matter to Americans in the 21st Century.”

He’s close to finishing his third book, “Green, White, and Red: The Italian-American Success Story.”

He spends much of his research time at Janesville’s Hedberg Public Library. He also travels extensively, speaking and consulting in the Untied States and abroad, he said.

Pulera’s most recent project is finding new markets in the United States for jute from Bangladesh. Trade, he said, is a force for international peace and understanding.

Pulera believes immigrants are rapidly adopting American ideals about democracy, freedom and capitalism. He bases that on numerous interviews with immigrants.

“One fellow told me, ‘After being here five years, the culture gets into your bones,’” he said.

As for language, that’s something that sorts itself out, Pulera believes. He cites any shopping mall in southern California, full of faces from all over the globe, all speaking English.

He also cites his grandfather, born in America in 1907 but who went to school at age 6 in Emerald Grove speaking only German.

All those languages and cultures are a great asset, Pulera believes. They’re handy for showing the rest of the world that the United States values people of all races and ethnicities.

That’s a very good thing as the United States seeks friends around the globe in the post-9/11 world, he said.


Author Dominic Pulera will address the Diversity Action Team of Rock County at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Janesville Academy for International Studies, 31 W. Milwaukee St., Janesville. The program is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Neil Deupree at (608) 752-8342, Jill Gant at (608) 868-3437 or lucchesij@jvlnet.com, or go to www.datrockco.org.

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