A time to give: Union leader issues a call

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
— Sam Loizzo is hoping Janesville will step up—one more time—to come to the aid of its needy.

Loizzo, a longtime Craig High School teacher and president of the teacher’s union, pitched his idea to 1,400 fellow employees at an all-staff meeting Tuesday at Craig High School.

He said the idea came to him Monday, in a phone call from fellow teacher Janet Bishop: Something should be done to meet the needs created by Janesville’s recent economic woes.

Loizzo is calling on school employees to bring donations for the ECHO food pantry to work on Citizenship Day, Sept. 17.

Loizzo also cornered school board President DuWayne Severson at the meeting, hoping Severson could spread the food drive to Severson’s place of work, Mercy Health System.

And, Loizzo is calling people and organizations he knows, asking for pledges of $1,000 for their favorite local charity—Boys & Girls Club, United Way, ECHO, school breakfast programs or others.

Loizzo said school district Superintendent Tom Evert pledged $1,000 on behalf of the staff of the Educational Services Center.

Quint Studer, the former Janesvillian who is donating his company’s consulting services to the district, also agreed to chip in $1,000, Loizzo said.

Loizzo’s cousin, Larry Loizzo, also pledged $1,000 on behalf of the company that Larry runs, Lab Safety Supply.

Loizzo said he knows local people and organizations that give, over and over again. He’s betting they’re willing to do it again.

“I really think this is a caring community,” he said.

Loizzo said he has more calls to make, but anyone who wants to give is welcome to join in.

To help

Anyone interested in joining the effort to fill community needs may call Sam Loizzo at (608) 743-5404.

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