Policy isn't same as e-mail

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
— The city’s policy that governs nepotism is different from a 2006 e-mail sent to the parks department with instructions on hiring seasonal workers.

The administrative policy allows nepotism under certain circumstances.

The e-mail encourages nepotism.

The policy

According to the policy in Chapter 5.02 of the personnel policy manual, a member of an employee’s immediate family will be considered for employment provided that the applicant possesses the qualifications for employment.

Immediate family members may not be hired if the employment would:

-- Create either a conflicting direct or indirect supervisor-subordinate relationship with a family member.

-- Create either an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Immediate family includes the employee’s spouse, siblings, parents, children, step-children, in-laws and any other member of the employee’s household.

The e-mail

The 2006 e-mail requires supervisors to first hire children of city workers for seasonal help.

Leslie Bentz, benefits and risk manager, wrote the e-mail and sent it to Tom Presny, director of parks.

It reads:

“I spoke with Sue (Musick, human resources director) about this, and this is the process we would like to see followed, as far as who gets preferential treatment in hiring:

“1. Children of COJ employees (resident or not)

“2. City of Janesville residents.

“3. Out-of-town residents (this should only be as a last resort, for positions that are typically hard to fill, require a strict skills set, etc.)

“For future clarification, if it is for a parks seasonal, they are generally jobs that we don’t have a hard time filling. Therefore, only COJ residents should be considered first. Please only consider out-of-town applicants as a last resort.”

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