Beloit considers public housing options

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some of Beloit's public housing is standing vacant because the units don't meet the needs of potential tenants.

Assistant City Manager Steve Gregg says the way the federal Housing and Urban Development rules work, you can only rent a four-bedroom unit to a family of that size. He says if there aren't any four-bedroom applicants on the waiting list, and Beloit has few of the applicants, when the units become available the city isn't able to rent them. Gregg says if demolishing the buildings is the most effective way to upgrade them, then the city will consider it. If they lend themselves to rehab, that's what the city will consider.

Gregg says he isn't sure how the city will upgrade the housing and it might be a little bit of both. Consultants will provide a final plan to the Community Development Authority in the fall.

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