Sports fees get big thumbs down

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nineteen parents, students and coaches addressed the Janesville School Board on Tuesday night, and all but one adamantly opposed an increase in sports fees.

The speakers were riled by a proposal to tack on extra fees for some, but not all, high school sports and to impose a $50 fee on middle school sports for the first time.

Board member Lori Stottler had proposed increasing fees for certain sports that cost the most on a per-player basis.

Stottler got little support from the rest of the board, although DuWayne Severson and Bill Sodemann said they would be willing to consider a different formulation.

Severson noted that other districts in the same athletics conference charge higher fees than Janesville and said he would consider raising the current fee from $50 to $75 across the board.

Several board members said they’d like to see athletics find ways to cut costs and raise money. Some suggested throwing the door open to advertisers and easing restrictions on fund raising by boosters.

It appeared the topic would return as the board debates the 2009-10 budget.

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