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Rick Horowitz
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Talk about heartwarming!

Have you ever seen anything quite as touching, quite as considerate, as the McCain campaign’s sudden concern for the bruised feelings of certain Hillary Clinton supporters?

First it’s a new TV ad reminding them that Barack Obama didn’t choose Hillary as his running mate even though she got millions of votes during the primaries. Not just reminding them—as if they needed reminding—but suggesting that it was a decision made out of ego and spite because she had told “the truth” about Obama and he didn’t like it.

Then it’s Rudy Giuliani on the Sunday talk shows, saying that Clinton really should have been Obama’s running mate. That she and Obama each got 50 percent of the Democratic vote, and that Obama had to go out of his way not to pick her.
Then it’s another new TV ad featuring a former Clinton delegate from Wisconsin announcing that she’s throwing her support to John McCain, and assuring her hesitant sister Democrats all across the country that “It’s OK” to vote for a Republican this time.

Like I said, it’s perfectly heartwarming.

Especially since, if Hillary Clinton had been on the Democratic ticket, Republicans would now be pounding her on the head with large appliances.

It’s kind of like the slightly sleazy next-door neighbor who just happens to drop by right after you’ve had an argument with your spouse. He wants you to know that he’s always thought your spouse was a jerk and that he’s always admired you—and by the way, are you free for dinner tonight?

It’s just possible he doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

What’s that old line? “Let’s you and him fight”? That pretty much sums it up—major mischief-making.

Who knew the GOP had gone into anger management? Except, of course, that the object of all this counseling isn’t to help Clinton supporters get past their feelings; it’s to make sure they stay ticked off right through November.

Ticked off enough that they vote for John McCain, or at least decide to stay home on Election Day. That’ll show that arrogant Obama! And all his pals in the Democratic leadership! And the media! And the Kennedys! And…

The GOP strategists are betting big on tantrums. They’re betting that women—you know, those flighty, emotional, not-quite-logical types—will cast aside any thoughts of John McCain’s voting record. And his preference in Supreme Court justices. And the impact of a McCain Supreme Court—compared to, say, an Obama Supreme Court—on the issues Hillary Clinton has been fighting for for all these years.

Ignore all that, the strategists whisper. In fact, ignore nearly everything that matters to you. Your gal was—disrespected. Here’s your chance to get even.

Odd, when you think of all the vitriol the Republicans have launched at Hillary over the years. Odd, too, when you think of all the grief they so happily gave her husband. And now they’re suddenly the great defenders of the Clinton brand? Of the Clintons’ future?




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