45th Assembly candidates face off

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Stan Stricker
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gas prices are a divisive issue in the 45th Assembly District campaign.

The candidates faced off during a Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce Forum Tuesday night. Republican challenger Michael Hahn says the minimum mark up law adds 9% to the price of a gallon of gas, and needs to be repealed. Incumbent Democrat Chuck Benedict argues the minimum mark up law is good for consumers and promotes competition. The two also argued on alternative forms of energy, with Hahn promoting nuclear energy, and Benedict wanting more investment in renewable sources. Jobs are also a key issue. Hahn says problems like the General Motors plant closure can be used as an opportunity for the stateline area. He says bold steps need to be taken to lessen Wisconsin's high ranking as a tax state. Benedict disagrees with the idea taxes are the principal problem, and says a more regional effort needs to be used to promote jobs.

Hahn and Benedict faced off before the primary, because Hahn reports for active duty, and likely deployment to Iraq, next week.

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