City plays waiting game with manager finalists

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Ryan Dostalek
Friday, August 22, 2008
— Two city manager candidates rejected by the city council in July might be back in the running if none of the finalists in the current batch is any better, Council President Amy Loasching said Thursday night.

The council met Thursday afternoon to select a new group of finalist to be interviewed in September.

Sunday is the earliest the city might release the names of the six finalists and one alternate Loasching said. The recruiting firm, PAR Group, needed a few extra days to contact the candidates to see if they still are interested, she said.

The names will be released after the finalists have been contacted, Loasching said.

This is the city’s second attempt to find a replacement for City Manager Steve Sheiffer, who is retiring Friday, Sept. 5.

In July, 39 applicants were narrowed to two finalists—David Hales of West Jordan, Utah, and Donald Carlsen of Naperville, Ill.

The city council rejected both July 16.

But Carlsen and Hales might be reconsidered, Loasching said, if the council finds they are of equal quality to those who make it to the final round next month or if nobody in this set of candidates “rises above” the last group.

Loasching said the council is pleased with the new group of finalists.

“We think the group (of finalists) is strong,” Loasching said. “It’s a good pool of candidates, and we hope to find one that fits.”

The group consists of six males and one female, none of whom is local or from the initial field.

The process will continue similarly to the initial search for a city manager:

-- Each candidate will be interviewed by a community panel before moving on to interviews with the council.

-- The council will narrow the field for a second round of interviews.

-- After second interviews, the council will pick finalists and might visit their communities before making a job offer.

If not satisfied with any of the candidates, the council could decide to start the process a third time, Loasching said.

The community panel and council will hold first interviews Wednesday, Sept. 10, and Thursday, Sept. 11. The second round with the council would be Friday, Sept. 12.

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