Rotary Gardens board wants to charge an admission fee

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Steve Benton
Thursday, August 21, 2008
— Janesville City Manager, Steve Sheiffer, says he would like to place an item regarding Janesville's Rotary Gardens on Monday's city council agenda.

Sheiffer says a letter from the Rotary Gardens Board Chair indicates they need to begin charging an admission fee because fund raising efforts are no longer enough to sustain the operation.

He says the lease agreement indicates city manager approval is necessary for such a change, but Sheiffer says he would rather the city council make the decision. He says he will recommend the fee, and he also will suggest a public hearing before the council makes any decision.

The Rotary Gardens board is asking for a $5.00 admission fee for teens and adults, and a $3.00 fee for children six to 12. The letter suggests the fee be in affect from April 15th through October 1st each year.

Janesville's Rotary Gardens is one of the premiere tourist attractions in Rock County.

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