Janesville paramedics are making do with four ambulances at five stations

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Janesville Fire Department is making do with four ambulances for five fire stations. Fire Station Three on Crosby Avenue partially relies on nearby stations.

Fire Chief Larry Grorud says, "Our ultimate goal for ambulance service to the City of Janesville is to have a paramedic ambulance operating out of all five fire stations. Currently, our plan to put the fifth ambulance in service is on hold because of state levy limits and monetary resources made available to accomplish that."

He says, "What we've done to compensate, since we don't have an ambulance responding out of that station, is we ensure there's a paramedic on the engine every day and he has the equipment and supplies so that as a first responder engine they'll arrive with paramedic skills at the scene of incidents in that station's district until an ambulance arrives to transport the patient."

When asked about the situation, city council members said the administration hasn't rolled out the entire budget. They say the ambulance itself is a capital expenditure, but the personnel to staff it are funded through the operations budget, which is governed by levy limits. Basically, the city might be able to purchase the ambulance, but might not be able to staff it. The council does not want to cut existing services.

When asked for an explanation of the budget constraints, the city administration declined comment.

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