Historic buildings, farmland discussed during comprehensive plan meeting

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Beth Wheelock
Friday, August 15, 2008

The City of Janesville and Town of Janesville are at odds over the size of farmland parcels allowed in the municipalities' land use plans.

Janesville Community Development Director Brad Cantrell says three acres isn't large enough to accommodate a farm. But at a comprehensive plan meeting Thursday night, Town of Janesville residents told the city's plan commission farms can be that small, and can produce enough to feed families.

The comprehensive plan is scheduled to be adopted this fall, after an open house and several public hearings.

The meeting also included a discussion about preserving Janesville's historic buildings. The comprehensive plan includes a chapter about preserving Janesville's culture and history, which may be aided by a new historic overlay district. Cantrell says the idea will likely be brought forward by the city's historic commission within six months. The district would provide additional review authority for building alterations, changes, new buildings and demolition to structures in the downtown. Thursday night members of the plan commission discussed whether to preserve historic buildings if they're not functioning in the downtown.

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