School leaders meet in secret location

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
— The secret destination now can be told.

Each year at this time, members of the Janesville School District’s brain trust meet to work on key issues they’ll be dealing with in the year ahead.

This year, administrators were told they’d be taken to a secret location for the meeting. So they boarded buses Wednesday morning without knowing where they would end up.

A call to a cell phone of one participant elicited a voice mail reply from the secret location. Donna Behn, director of curriculum and instruction, apparently was delegated to let Janesville know where district leaders had gone.

They were all at Discovery World on the lakefront in Milwaukee, she said.

Behn said she had a connection at the museum, who arranged for the educators to use a room called the Pilot’s House for free.

Consultant/philanthropist Quint Studer paid for meals and transportation, Behn said, so the entire affair didn’t cost taxpayers a penny.

Studer, formerly of Janesville, is donating his company’s services to the district to see if his management theories and processes can work wonders in schools, as they have done in the health-care sector.

This year’s meeting was dedicated to the Studer Group process.

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