High schoolers may get college credit

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Stan Stricker
Thursday, August 7, 2008

High school students in Janesville may soon earn college credit in their regular classroom.

Many high school students in Janesville already take Advanced Placement courses to prepare them for college. Craig High School Principal Mike Kuehne says the district may take those classes one step further. The idea would be to help students earn college credit before high school graduation. The Janesville district is submitting a grant request to the Janesville Community Foundation to plan curriculum which could satisfy both high school and college credit requirements. Kuehne says this could give a graduating high school student a real step up at the beginning of their college career. High school teachers would need to be qualified, and the students would pay college tuition, while still in high school.

Kuehne is hopeful the program could begin as early as the fall of 2009.

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