Traffic plan promised for Harmony parents

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Stacy Vogel
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
— Harmony Elementary School students gained a partial victory at the Milton School Board meeting Monday night.

Students living north of Highway 14 and east of Highway 26 will still lose their busing Oct. 6, but the district agreed to work with parents on a traffic plan to accommodate the increased number of parents who will be dropping off their children.

The Milton School Board voted 4-2 Monday to end the busing. Bob Cullen and Wilson Leong opposed, and Jon Cruzan was absent.

The board first discussed the idea in June. Janesville is installing sidewalks on Rotamer Road this summer, and the board feels it is now safe for children who live less than 2 miles from the school to walk.

A handful of students in that area live more than 2 miles from school, and they will still receive bus service.

But several parents at Monday’s meeting said they would not allow their children to walk to school.

The district anticipated that and created a traffic plan to handle the increase in vehicles dropping off students. Superintendent Bernie Nikolay recommended requiring parents to drop off their children at one of three drop-off points: the northwest and southeast corners of Rotamer Road and Galaxy Drive and the northwest corner of Rotamer Road and Deer Crossing Drive.

Parents weren’t happy with that option. They worried students would get hit crossing the street and traffic would get backed up in front of homes as parents waited to drop off their children.

Kim Jazdzewski presented a petition with more than 100 signatures of residents against the drop-off plan.

“Who will control the traffic and hurried drivers in order to keep our children safe?” she asked.

The district agreed to go back to the drawing board with a group of Harmony parents. Nikolay will arrange a meeting with the Harmony parents and then a meeting with the district’s transportation committee, he said.

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