Rare rain brings area much-needed mositure

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Gazette Staff
Monday, August 4, 2008

At this time last summer, farmers were wondering if it would rain in time to save the corn.

After this springís flooding, many farmers were wondering when the fields would be dry enough to plant corn.

But since our soggy spring, Mother Nature hasnít given the crops much with which to work.

Sunday nightís storms provided relief in the form of 0.77 inches of rain.

Thatís the first significant rainfall recorded in Janesville since July 11, when 1.56 inches fell. Between July 11 and today, only scant amounts ranging from .01 to .32 inches were recorded at the Janesville Water Treatment Plant.

Still, itís better than last year.

Last yearís July rainfall only came to 1.54 inches. That compares to 8.02 inches this July.

The total rainfall for August is .89 inches.

More storms are in the forecast for today, tonight and tomorrow, with forecasters calling for up to 1.13 inches of rain.

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