Janesville will get $361,000 for 4K

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
— The state of Wisconsin will give the Janesville School District an estimated $361,000 to help pay expenses of the district’s new 4-year-old kindergarten program.

Beloit Turner also is among the 32 districts that will receive portions of $3 million in state funding. The funding is from a grant program that was approved as part of the hotly contested 2007-09 state budget last fall.

All the grants are for new programs that start in September, including the Janesville School District’s Preschool 4 Janesville program, or P4J.

The Department of Public Instruction announced the grants Monday.

Janesville administrators have estimated startup costs of about $500,000 but said they were hoping to get state funding to offset that expense.

The Janesville district had planned to fund its startup costs with its operational fund balance if a state grant was not forthcoming, and some of the startup costs still could come from the fund balance, said Lauri Clifton, district comptroller.

The state funding is based on numbers of projected 4-year-olds who would attend the programs, at $722 per child. Janesville’s estimate was for 500 students.

In a status report this week, Superintendent Tom Evert included the fact that 404 students are signed up for P4J so far.

The grant amounts are not set in stone. They will be adjusted when audited enrollment numbers are available in June 2009, according to the DPI.

DPI spokesman Patrick Gasper said payments would be made in June 2009.

A second year of 4K grants, funded at $1.5 million statewide instead of $3 million, is expected.

DPI had required that districts receiving the grants take a “community approach.”

“In a community approach to 4K, school districts form a council or advisory group and collaborate with a Head Start, licensed group-based child-care or preschool center to provide 4K services,” according to the DPI news release.

All three kinds of child-care providers are involved in the Janesville program.

Grant totals

These are some of the 32 school districts statewide that will receive state grants to help pay for 4-year-old kindergarten programs next school year. The amounts are based on projected numbers of 4-year-old students, at $722 per child, according to the Department of Public Instruction. The districts will not receive payments until June 2009, a DPI spokesman said.

-- Beloit Turner—$49,818.

-- Fort Atkinson—$126,350.

-- Janesville—$361,000.

-- Jefferson—$79,420.

-- Johnson Creek—$32,490.

-- Stoughton—$101,080.

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