Man arrested again on stalking charge

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Mike DuPre'
Thursday, April 17, 2008
— A man out on bond on six charges of felony stalking with harassing phone calls and text messages was arrested again Thursday on charges of felony stalking and felony bail-jumping.

Then, a few hours after he was returned to the Rock County Jail, one of the women reported as a victim in the initial spate of criminal complaints called Janesville police to report she had received five harassing calls from the man while he was in jail.

Tracy L. Wolf, 36, of 1511 Ravine St., also was arrested on a charge of using an insufficient-funds check to post his initial bond of $525.

The woman reported as a victim of the accusation that resulted in Wolf’s new arrest Thursday was not one of the women or girls reported as victims in the six criminal complaints originally filed against him.

But the woman who reported receiving harassing calls from the jail was cited in a criminal complaint as receiving 40 to 50 “annoying, harassing and profane telephone calls and text messages” over a period of several days.

Janesville police arrested Wolf shortly before 1:30 p.m. Thursday, and the woman called police at 7 p.m. Thursday to report the five calls.

Jail inmates are allowed to make collect calls from the jail, and when they do, the call gives them a few seconds to state their name, said Lt. Russ Steeber of the Rock County Sheriff’s Department.

But they can say anything during that brief window, he added.

Sgt. Pat Lalor, who was supervising the jail this morning, said he was not aware of any complaints made against Wolf while he was in jail.

But Lalor said he would look into the matter and if a complaint was made against Wolf, he would be banned from making phone calls from the jail.

People who receive harassing or unwanted calls from inmates can have their numbers blocked, but then they would not be able to receive any calls from inmates, Steeber said.

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