Consultant gives council a vision of candidate pool

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Friday, April 11, 2008
— What might the new city manager be like?

Consultant Heidi Voorhees told council members earlier this week that they could expect applicants to have 10 to 15 years of manager’s experience in a city one-third to one-half the size of Janesville.

The candidate likely will come from the Midwest. He or she might be working elsewhere in the country but, in that case, likely would be returning to roots here.

And Voorhees expects the person will not be a minority or a woman, based on statistics in the field.

Voorhees said the city manager profession is still largely white and male.

“Our profession has not been as successful at developing female candidates,” she said.

She figured the percent of women at about 13 percent. More and more women are entering the profession, but “it’s still a struggle,” she said.

She will advertise with the Forum for Black Public Administrators and on an International Hispanic Network Web site.

Voorhees expects Janesville will pay an annual salary of $140,000 or higher.

And she expects the applicant pool to number 45 to 50.

The shrinking candidate pool is caused by the baby boomers retiring, compared to what might have been 100 applicants in previous years.

“There are not as many candidates coming up,” she said.

In addition, people aren’t as quick to move as they were 20 years ago, especially if their children are in high school or if their spouses have good jobs, she said.

Still, Janesville needn’t worry about attracting quality applicants, she said.

“It’s a great job,” Voorhees said.

“There are a lot of interesting things going on (with a nice) quality of life. (Janesville is) a very, very nice community with a lot to offer.”

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