Council weighs in on new manager

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
— Council members met with their recruiter Tuesday, adding to an already long list of qualities residents have said they want to see in a manager.

The council hopes to have a city manager hired by October.

Here are some of the comments from council members:

Russ Steeber concerning the manager’s visibility: The new manager should balance the job of being a manager and a cheerleader for the city.

“We’re a non-paid elected council. What we do here is more community service. The city manager runs the city.” The manager will be the person to sell the city to attract jobs.

Craig DeGarmo: The manager must have experience with federal and state grants and legislation. “We have some very generous foundations within this community (he or she) needs to be able to work with.”

Bill Truman on inner city neighborhoods: “I live in one of those neighborhoods, and I’d like to see what (the candidate’s) done with (his or her) neighborhoods in close proximity to the downtown to build them back up.”

Truman on going green: The manager should help the city become more eco-friendly.

George Brunner on diversity: “Janesville is growing. It would be nice to have someone who at least understands the issues and the positives … that we might face in a community” that’s growing more diverse.

Brunner on infrastructure: The city has growth issues and infrastructure issues with streets, sewers and even buildings. “I think we’ve put maintenance of some things on the back burner because of restricted funds or whatever … We’ve got to pay the piper some day on that.” The city needs someone visionary enough to look to the future but not look past what the city has, he said.

Brunner on the downtown: “It’s kind of a critical time for the redevelopment of the downtown, so a new manager’s going to have to come in here and adjust to what’s going on there.”

Brunner: The new manager must be ethical. “That’s extremely important,” he said.

Paul Williams: The manager needs to be a person who can help retain large manufacturers but also diversify the economy.

Tim Wellnitz: The new manager should work to retain and attract professionals to the community. Many leave because of limited opportunities. “It’s something that could really enhance the community and help us grow,” he said.

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