Public record for April 5, 2008

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Gazette Staff
Saturday, April 5, 2008
Rock County

-- A 15-YEAR-OLD JANESVILLE BOY referred to juvenile authorities Thursday on a charge of delivering a prescription drug at Craig High School, 401 S. Randall Ave., Janesville.

-- A 16-YEAR-OLD JANESVILLE BOY referred to juvenile authorities Wednesday on charges of possessing a dangerous weapon—a knife—on the grounds of Craig High School—and of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

-- JORDAN M. HOUSEHOLDER, 18, of 2421 Kenwood Ave., Janesville, and KOLTIN E. KAUFFMAN, 18, of 7306 E. Ryan Road, Milton, both on charges of party to burglary and theft Friday.


-- BURGLARY to a garage in the 4300 block of Tanglewood Drive in Janesville reported Wednesday. Two iPods, total value $670, were reported taken from two unlocked vehicles.

-- BURGLARY to MMPR, 1405 Riverside St., Janesville, No. 130, reported Monday. An estimated $550 damage done to gain entry; unknown was if anything was stolen.

Rock County Court

-- JULIO ALDAMA, 202½ Lincoln St., Janesville, operating while revoked, $476.

-- EUGENIO ARELLANO-FELIPE, 3231 Randolph, Janesville, obstructing, $375.

-- LANCE TRYGUE BRANDT, 2110 King St., Janesville, speeding/pedestrian safety zone, $249.

-- JAMISON W.N. BUEHL, 233 Edison St., Janesville, probationary licensee operating class D vehicle with other person in vehicle and violating absolute sobriety law, $813.

-- PHILIP D. BULL, 2723 Citation Drive, Janesville, operator (bartender) license required on premises, $753.

-- DANA E. CAIRY, 2016 Kellogg, No. 102, Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

-- PANFILO F. CASTRO, 1413½ Linden Ave., Janesville, operating without valid license, $186.

-- TASHA M. COKES, 306 W. Van Buren, Janesville, retail theft, $375.

-- BENJAMIN R. DEWITT, 1612 Mole Ave., Janesville, speeding, $186.

-- ALEJANDO DIAZ, 34 S. Randall, Janesville, operating without valid license, $186.

-- BETHANY R. DICKMAN, 115 S. Chatham St., Janesville, retail theft, $312.

-- PATRICIA L. DICKMAN, 115 S. Chatham St., Janesville, retail theft, $312.

-- CHAD C. DONNY, 1709 Lombard Ave., Beloit, operating while suspended, $186.

-- ERIC J. DUANE, Pewaukee, automobile following too closely, $186.

-- AARON RICHARD DUNMORE, 2730 W. Wall St., No. 122, Janesville, disorderly conduct, $375.

-- RODNEY D. EBERT, 550 S. Franklin St., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $375.

-- MICHAEL D. FOUTS, 602 S. Pine St., Janesville, automobile following too closely, $186.

-- BRANDON LEE GARECHT, 1410 Lafayette St., Janesville, retail theft and underage drinking, $498.

-- CLAYTON J. GARRITY, 468 Johnson St., Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

-- BRADLEY M. GATES, 3707 Amhurst Road, Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

-- DAVID GRANJA OTANES, 613½ Yuba St., Janesville, operating without valid license, $186.

-- BRANDON J. HANSON, 1021 N. Henke Road, Janesville, hit and run-unattended vehicle, $249.

-- TAMMERA M. HOLDEN, 2624 N. Lexington Drive, No. 8, Janesville, operating motor vehicle while intoxicated, $720, license revoked and alcohol assessment.

-- CHRISTOPHER M. HUFFMAN, 1211 Elida St., Janesville, fail to allow headlamp selection at will, $198.

-- GLENDA R. JOHNSON, 2104 Joliet St., Janesville, operating motor vehicle while intoxicated, $856, license revoked and alcohol assessment.

-- JOSHUA ALLEN KASTER, 3632 Birdsong Lane, Janesville, truant, $186.

-- BECKY J. KLETZKE, 1806 S. Marion Ave., Janesville, operating while suspended and mandatory seat belt requirements, $196.

-- WAYNE R. KLINGAMAN, 715 Center Ave., Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

-- DYLAN R. LAMBERT, 201 N. Grant Ave., Janesville, operating left of center line and probationary licensee operate class D vehicle with other person in vehicle, $384.

-- JOSHUA M. LAMBERT, 909 N. Washington, Janesville, obstructing, $186.

-- SCOTT C. LAMBERT, 212 W. Racine St., Janesville, display unauthorized vehicle registration plate and operating while revoked, $472.

-- MELISSA A. METZLER, Stoughton, speeding, $186.

-- DANIEL G. MINNEMA, 711 Benton, Janesville, worthless checks, $258, costs.

-- JESSICA L. OLSON, 170 S. Jackson St., Apt. A, Janesville, operating without valid license, $186.

-- ANDREW W. OSCARSON, 4757 N. Fox Road, Janesville, operating without carrying license and operator violate green traffic signal, $321.

-- STEPHANIE A. PECARO, 611 S. Orchard St., Janesville, driving too fast for conditions, $198.

-- ROSS A. ROGERS, 1125 E. Detroit, Janesville, underage drinking, $438.

-- MARY M. RYAN, 4008 Saratoga Drive, Janesville, fail to yield right way from stop sign, $198.

-- JOSEPH D. SAMUEL, 405 Ridleland Ave., Beloit, possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle-driver, $186.

-- RONALD G. SCHIEFELBEIN, 2216 Joliet St., Janesville, fail to stop for unloading school bus, $312.

-- BENJAMIN A. SCHWAB, 3119 Mt. Zion Ave., Janesville, keeping unlicensed dog/cat not allowed and failure to vaccinate dog/cat, $624.

-- ASHLEY M. SMITH, 6 N. Jackson St., Janesville, unlawful use of telephone, $375.

-- MAACHAH B. SMITH, 225 Milton Ave., Janesville, retail theft, $375.

-- VALERIE A. SOLER, 1406 Yates Ave., Beloit, disorderly conduct, $375.

-- NATHANIEL T. SORIA, 2047 Vernon Ave., Beloit, speeding, $186.

-- ALBERT A. TAYLOR, 408 S. River St., No. 103, Janesville, operating large vehicle after revocation/suspension of registration and operating without carrying license, $296.

-- KEVIN J. WILLIAMS, 601 Rogers St., Milton, disorderly conduct, $375.

-- ANGELA N. WITTMAN, 244 Sunset Drive, Janesville, operating while suspended, $186.

-- DARRYL KEITH YOUNG, 1418 Hull Ave., Beloit, operating while revoked, $602, license suspended.

Walworth County Court

-- JOHN P. BEGLEY, W5245 Wisconsin Drive, Elkhorn, operating motor vehicle while intoxicated, $730, license revoked and alcohol assessment.

-- CORNELL M. BRELLENTHIN, W5440 Pin Oak Road, Elkhorn, driving too fast for conditions, $198.

-- JORGE CHAVEZ, Rockford, Ill., operating without valid license, $186.

-- ASHANTI S. CHAVIS, Milwaukee, three counts operating while suspended, $558.

-- CLIFFORD M. CHERNEY, Freeport, Ill., speeding and operating without valid license, $422.

-- CARMEN R. CLARK, N7942 Pleasant Lake Road, East Troy, illegal pass of school bus, $312.

-- JARED LEE DUNHAM, N7977 County O, Whitewater, operating without carrying license, $211.

-- THOMAS T. DYE, 65 McDowell St., Delavan, speeding, $186.

-- CHRISTOPHER N. ECK, 603 N. Church St., Elkhorn, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- KIRSTEN L. FRICK, Harvard, Ill., driving too fast for conditions, $198.

-- JUAN C. GARCIA, 1046 E. Main St., Whitewater, operating while suspended, $186, license suspended.

-- BRAD S. GRAMLY, W8134 Creek Road, Delavan, operating while suspended, failure to keep vehicle under control, failure to notify police of accident, $633.

-- GRANT P. HAGGARD, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, speeding, $236.

-- DEAN M. IANNOTTI, 1607 Monroe Ave., Delavan, speeding, $186.

-- COURTNEY C. JENKINS, Waukegan, Ill., speeding, $186.

-- BROCK JAMES LUBECKER, Crystal Lake, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- ALBERTO J. MARTINEZ HUERTA, 2312 Prairie View Drive, No. 12, Delavan, operating without valid license, $249.

-- BRIAN G. MAZUREK, 214 Clay St., Whitewater, operating left of center line, $198.

-- DANIEL P. MCGINNIS, Mequon, operating while suspended, $186, license suspended.

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