Voters pass Whitewater referendums

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Kayla Bunge
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
— Ladies who lunch at the Fuzzy Pig country mall soon could enjoy a glass of wine with their meals.

Voters approved two referendums to allow the sale and consumption of wine and intoxicating liquor on the premises, but voters denied a referendum to allow the sale and consumption of beer both on and off the premises.

Dick Kraus, owner of the Fuzzy Pig, N9035 Highway 89, said he’s “thrilled” with the outcome.

“There’s going to be a lot of people from out of town, out of state who’ll be a lot happier,” he said.

Kraus said he’s not bothered by the voters’ denial of the referendum to allow the sale of beer for on- or off-premises consumption. He said he only wanted to be able to serve wine in his restaurant, not be responsible for the sale of beer for people to drink when they leave his restaurant.

Town Chairman Ron Fero said the town board has its work cut out.

“The board now will have a very big responsibility to decide what to do with the future of these licenses,” he said.

But just because the voters gave the town the ability to issue two types of liquor licenses doesn’t mean it has to. He said establishments, such as the Fuzzy Pig, will have to apply for a license, and the town board will have to decide whether or not to issue the license.

“There’s no guarantee,” Fero said.

Kraus said he’ll apply as soon as the town begins accepting applications.

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