Voters deny Geneva Township referendum

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Kayla Bunge
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
— The person who serves as the town clerk/treasurer will continue to be elected by the people.

Voters denied a referendum that asked if the position should be appointed by the town board.

Town Supervisor Bob Kamps moved to put the issue to referendum last year after rumors began that someone planned to challenge Clerk/Treasurer Debra Kirch.

“It’s an important position, and it just shouldn’t be a popularity contest,” he said.

But the people have spoken, he said, and the position will remain an elected one.

Town Chairman Dan Lauderdale raised concerns that the town clerk/treasurer is up for election at the same time as the town chairman.

He said for both the chairman and the clerk/treasurer to be new to their positions might be troublesome.

“I think the board needs to address (those terms) … making it so the chairman is elected in even-numbered years or vice versa,” Lauderdale said.

Kamps said if the terms aren’t adjusted, “it could be tough.”

Lauderdale said he plans to bring up the issue at the town’s annual meeting next week.

Kamps said he isn’t disappointed with the outcome.

“We didn’t push for it,” he said. “It was just something that I had brought up.”

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