Rock County considers OWI court

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
— Rock County officials are banking on the short-term success of the county's drug court to incorporate an OWI court into the program. Josh Smith, Assistant to the County Administrator, says it's hard to determine success since the program is less than a year old. He says a lot of people like to look at success in terms of long-term recidivism and how it prevents people from re-offending. He says it's seen short-term success by diverting nearly 50 people from jail who would have otherwise been incarcerated.

He says the program produces savings in the form of jail beds and the amount of inmates who would have been shipped to other counties for about $50 a day. It also serves people who wouldn't receive drug and alcohol treatment or counseling otherwise.

Smith says officials will bring back different models of OWI courts to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to see if any of those models would fit in Rock County.

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