Winner and losers in school tax relief

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

State lawmakers shifted funding from school aids to the school tax levy credit this year. So instead of school officials using state aid to reduce the local tax levy, the money is deducted directly from individuals’ property tax bills.

So it should make no difference in the end, right?


The state uses one formula to divide up school aid but a different formula for the levy credit. So the shift created winners and losers.

The school aid formula favors poorer districts, but the tax levy credit favors richer ones, said Helen Dicks, an aide to Sen. Judy Robson, D-Beloit.

Dicks said the governor proposed the funding shift as part of a compromise to end the Legislature’s budget impasse.

Janesville School Board member Tim Cullen said he heard that the shift helped get key votes to pass the budget in the Assembly.

Because the school levy credit favors richer districts, the Legislature also agreed to create a new levy credit for poorer districts starting in 2009 in a $75 million program called the First Dollar Credit, Dicks said.

But for this year, here’s a list of winners and losers. A minus sign indicates a district will get that much get less money under the school levy credit than it would have gotten under the school-aid formula.

District Gain/loss

Albany -$8,439

Beloit -$6,751

Beloit Turner -$475

Big Foot $180,718

Brodhead -$14,188

Cambridge $8,034

Delavan-Darien -$98,898

East Troy -$68,859

Edgerton -$31,430

Elkhorn -$71,861

Fontana $73,317

Fort Atkinson -$38,250

Genoa City -$4,926

Jefferson -$31,944

Johnson Creek -$12,312

Juda -$504

Lake Geneva -$78,909

Lake Geneva Badger $284,615

Lake Mills -$37,102

Traver Elementary $41,720

Reek Elementary $35,861

Milton -$63,596

Palmyra-Eagle Area -$21,434

Parkview -$7,185

Sharon $628

Walworth Elementary -$6,214

Whitewater -$36,480

Williams Bay $147, 116

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