School district sued over ice pack injury

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Friday, October 26, 2007
— An Evansville father is suing the Evansville School District after his daughter received second- and third-degree burns on her leg from an ice pack applied after a playground injury, according to the lawsuit.

Jeffrey Sheffield, 118 Campion Drive, Evansville, is suing in Rock County Court for injuries, damages and attorney fees for his daughter, Brianna Sheffield, 14.

According to the suit:

On Feb. 14, 2006, Brianna twisted her ankle at J.C. McKenna Middle School and was given an ice pack by a school employee to control the swelling.

The ice pack she was given had been used before and was not intended for re-use. The ice pack leaked, causing injuries to Brianna’s right lower leg. She received second- and third-degree burns, causing her pain, suffering, interference with her normal activities and “ability to enjoy life.” The incident also caused her to incur medical and other expenses.

The suit alleges the school was a “substantial factor and proximate cause of the accident.”

The defendants listed include the city, the school, the school district and Community Insurance Corporation, which holds the liability insurance covering the district.

City attorney Mark Kopp said the city has been dismissed as one of the defendants from the case. Attorney Samuel Leib, representing the district, declined to comment on the case because it is open.

Sheffield’s attorney, Anne MacArthur, could not be reached by press time.

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