Janesville police still searching for rapist

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Friday, October 26, 2007
— It’s been more than two years since the last of a series of rapes was committed by one man in Janesville.

But the police department hasn’t relaxed in its investigation, Deputy Chief Dave Moore said.

“We’re not comforted,” Moore said. “We’re happy that we have not had another victim. We’re encouraged, but we’re certainly not relaxing because of that.”

Two Janesville detectives went to Virginia this week to meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents assigned to the case. The departments have been working together for several years but had not met formally, Moore said.

Between August 1998 and July 2005, one man committed six rapes in Janesville. The department has continuously worked on the case since the last assault, reviewing hundreds of tips and collecting more than 100 DNA samples.

“Everybody here is well attuned to the seriousness of this case,” Moore said.

The case is going to be cracked by a patrol officer observing suspicious activity in action or a citizen reporting either current or belated suspicious activity, Moore said.

Whenever a tip leads to a possible suspect, the department takes a DNA sample. The majority of men have been happy to comply, Moore said.

The rapist’s DNA has been entered in the national DNA data bank. If he is arrested and gives a DNA sample in any jurisdiction in the United States, the Janesville Police Department will be notified.

The rapist is described as a white male in his 30s. He is about 6 feet tall, stocky and muscular with light colored hair. He smokes cigarettes and is familiar with the Beloit area.

Moore said the man looks like an ordinary member of the community, but follows and observes his victims. He enters a home quietly, often through the garage. He engages victims in conversation, then threatens that he has a gun or knife.

One victim thought she saw a gun, Moore said.

Moore encourages anyone observing suspicious activity to call 911 immediately.

Anyone with old information should call, too, he said. Because it is a DNA case, police can conclusively determine if the suspicious person is the rapist, Moore said.

If you have information, call the Stop the Rapes tipline at (608) 755-3146. Callers may remain anonymous.

People who want to speak with an officer should contact Det. Martin Altstadt at (608) 755-3147 or altstadtm@ci.janesville or Det. Erik Goth at (608) 755-3148 or gothe@ci.janesville.wi.us.

“The concern about this crime is we’ll go a couple years without an incident,” Moore said. “People can forget and feel more comfortable. We’ll need to stay on our guard.”

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Janesville Deputy Police Chief Dave Moore encourages anyone with old or new information to call the Call the Stop the Rapes Tipline at (608) 755-3146. Callers may remain anonymous.

People who want to speak with an officer should contact Detective Altstadt at (608) 755-3147 or altstadtm@ci.janesville or Detective Goth at (608) 755-3148or gothe@ci.janesville .wi.us.

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