How does budget help county?

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Gazette Staff
Friday, October 26, 2007
— In one of her last acts as majority leader in the state Senate, Judy Robson released a list of state budget spending items that will affect motorists, the poor and nursing homes in Rock County, among others.

“The final version of the budget that goes to the governor includes an amendment I authored that will boost Medicaid payments to nursing homes in Rock County,” Robson said in a news release.

The Beloit Democrat’s list also includes:

Doubling state funding for HealthNet, the free clinic in Janesville, from $25,000 to $50,000 a year.

-- Designating $235,000 for construction of a pedestrian tunnel for the Spring Brook Trail under East Milwaukee Street in Janesville, if the Department of Transportation determines the project is eligible for federal aid.

-- Funding a half-time assistant Rock County district attorney position, which would allow an existing half-time prosecutor in the Rock County DA’s office to go to full-time status.

-- Providing $20,000 for the Rock County CARE House, which coordinates services for child victims of abuse and neglect.

-- Providing $150,000 for Court Appointed Special Advocate programs around the state, including the one in Rock County. Court-appointed special advocates help social workers and county attorneys determine what is in the best interest of children in abuse and neglect cases.

-- Funding a pavement-rehabilitation project on Interstate 43 between I-90/39 and Highway 140 at an estimated cost of $6.8 million.

-- Funding the resurfacing of Highway 14 between County O and Highway 89 in Rock and Walworth counties. The cost is estimated at $2.5 million to $3 million.

-- Providing $2 million in tax credits to attract new business and industry to Beloit’s Gateway Development.

-- Moving Rock County into a new labor region with a higher Medicaid reimbursement rate for nursing homes.

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