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Lincoln-Tallman faces possible budget cuts

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Ann Fiore
Thursday, October 25, 2007
— A tight 2008 city budget likely will put the squeeze on Janesvilleís historic Lincoln-Tallman House, the city council learned Wednesday.

The museumís subsidy drops 20 percent in the cityís proposed budget, from $65,300 to $52,264.

By 2009, the Tallman House probably will get nothing from the city.

ďItís a nice, historic property. Itís important to the community, but I donít know how to pay for it anymore,Ē Sheiffer told the council at a budget review session.

Sheiffer said giving the museum a subsidy next year would give the Rock County Historical Society a year to raise private funding.

The Tallman House property was given to the city as a museum, Sheiffer said. If the city canít operate the museum, responsibility for the property reverts back to a trust.

About 5,100 people have visited the Tallman House so far this year, up from 4,206 in 2006.

The Tallman House has developed pressing maintenance issues and recently sought volunteers to help with the work. The council agreed to give the museum $30,000 from a tuckpointing fund to help repair soffits and loose porch floorboards.

Council President George Brunner asked for a list of priority maintenance projects.

Sheiffer said he would recommend money only for projects that preserve structural integrity and protect safety.

ďCities traditionally have supported properties like this, but welcome to levy limit freezes,Ē Sheiffer said.


The Janesville City Council will hold up to two more budget study sessions at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, and Thursday, Nov. 1. A public hearing on the budget likely will be held at the councilís Monday, Nov. 12, meeting. At that meeting, City Manager Steve Sheiffer will have a list of changes and cuts to the cityís budget, based on the new tax levy limit in the state budget.

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