Wide load: Brodhead-Juda’s McAdory puts fear into hearts of defenders when he gets his 290 pounds rolling

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Monday, October 22, 2007
— Big is beautiful.

It’s also scary when you are a 5-foot-9, 155-pound defensive back and Brodhead-Juda senior fullback Gary McAdory is rolling his 5-10, 290-pound body down the track like a runaway locomotive hell bent for paydirt.

McAdory and Brodhead-Juda (7-2) will play at No. 3-ranked Mayville (7-2) in a WIAA Division 4 football Level 1 playoff game at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

This will be Brodhead-Juda’s 16th straight playoff appearance. The 2003 Division 4 state runner-up lost, 16-14, to Evansville at Level 2 last season. Brodhead-Juda finished third in the Rock Valley Conference this season,

In the 2007 nonconference season opener, Brodhead-Juda defeated Mayville, 21-13. McAdory scored on 2- and 5-yards runs, gaining 79 yards on 18 carries.

McAdory, who can bench-press 300 pounds and squat 395 pounds, knows the effect he has on little guys.

“When I get past the linebackers and start at a corner, they get a little scared,’’ said McAdory, who can cover 40-yards in a tad less than five seconds.

Does McAdory enjoy a good mismatch?

“Sometimes,” he said with a sheepish grin.

When he’s not running over little guys, McAdory serves as the Brodhead-Juda punter, averaging 36.6 yards per punt this season.

As a junior, weighing “only” 270 pounds, McAdory gained 1,156 yards on 175 attempts and scored 23 touchdowns.

This season, McAdory grew to 290 and the opposition has taken notice with added attention on defense.

McAdory has gained 962 yards on 152 carries this season, averaging a healthy 6.3 yards per rush. He has scored 16 touchdowns.

“People usually don’t get a good clean lick on him,” Brodhead-Juda coach Jim Matthys said. “He’s tough to wrap up.’’

McAdory runs with no frills. He hits the hole hard and runs north and south.

“Gary is always good for at least a yard,” Matthys said. “Gary can always break a tackle.’’

While McAdory draws his share of the defense, running mate Tyler Lincoln keeps defenses honest. Lincoln, a senior, has rushed for 788 yards on 94 carries.

“He is a good guy,” McAdory said. “He’s fast.’’

McAdory is quick to compliment the Cardinals’ line, giving special credit to senior tackle Greg Lynch (6-4, 270).

“Greg does a good job for us,” McAdory said. “Our line is in great shape.’’

Matthys said Brodhead-Juda uses McAdory as a decoy to shake free Lincoln, who missed a chunk of last season with a broken toe.

“Gary is fine with that,” Matthys said. “He will do whatever it takes to win.’’

Mayville juniors Nick Puerner (6-5, 304) and Shane Biertzer (6-4, 290) are two big reasons McAdory wants to top Mayville again.

“Their biggest lineman decleated me,” said McAdory, who doesn’t recall which brute did what seems impossible. “That doesn’t happen very often.’’

Suffice to say, when McAdory and the big guys from Mayville meet, the pads will pop.

And while defenses frown at the site of 290-pound fullbacks, McAdory and his playoff-bound Brodhead-Juda teammates are all smiles.

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