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Engineers plan for ’08

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Thursday, October 18, 2007

What do civil engineers do in the winter?

Along with making a list for Santa—and who doesn’t do that?—civil engineers ponder and plan next year’s road projects.

In the summer of 2008, two of the bigger projects include:

-- Reconstructing Randall Avenue from Ruger Avenue to Sherman Avenue.

“We have to have some flexibility so we’re not disrupting school traffic,” said Matt McGrath, Janesville city engineer.

But they also want to complete the work before the Rock County 4-H Fair, which is the last week in July.

McGrath thinks it can be done. Workers will be resurfacing the road and doing only “intermittent” curb and gutter replacement.

-- Expanding Rotamer Road between Wright Road and Harmony Town Hall Road

Rotamer will expand to 48 feet from “face to face,” said Dennis Ryan, Janesville senior engineer.

The work will be staged, so the road can stay open, but it will be a long project, starting in May and probably running until November.

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