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Gazette Staff
Sunday, October 14, 2007
Age: 34.
Address: Rural Evansville.
Title: Sales development manager. Shar plans sales blitzes for the newspaper and the Web; trains sales staff; calls on commercial printing customers, and sells newspaper and radio ads.
Story: Born in Monroe. Shar has worked at the Gazette for 10 years, starting at the Jotter. She holds a marketing degree from Upper Iowa University.
What do you like about the Gazette? Shar enjoys working with clients to come up with creative promotions.

“I like coming up with big ideas.

“The number one thing—when I have an idea—is people will listen to me. They may not do it, but I feel like I get input. And with bigger companies, that just doesn’t happen.”

Why are you excited about the new press and product? “I think that we’re going to be making a product that is more user-friendly. I think people my age would be more interested in a smaller paper, a paper that had more local news in it (with) stories about people they know on a regular basis.

“The capabilities we will have with the new press are pretty exciting. It’s a showpiece. It’s going to be an attraction for our area.”

How do you hope people view the Gazette? “I know so many people in this company that make a huge effort to better the community with volunteering. I don’t know if people are aware (of that). It’s kind of the corporate culture. You give back in some way.”
How are you involved? Has volunteered on the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce and at Applefest, AirFest and Concert in the Park. She is currently an ambassador with Forward Janesville.
Off-time: Shar is married with two children. She gardens, walks and spends time with her kids—“making sure that they’re learning everything that they need to learn.

“When I get out, I like to buy shoes.”

On this particular day, Shar modeled a little black sandal with a bow. She calls them her “Breakfast at Tiffany” shoes.

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