Threats made at Evansville High School

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Friday, October 12, 2007
— A threat of possible violence prompted Evansville High School officials to send a letter to parents Thursday notifying them security would be added at school today.

The letter reads, in part: “We believe the threat was meant to disrupt and interfere with our homecoming activities rather than to actually act on the threat. However, we believe you should have the opportunity to decide for yourself and your child how seriously you wish to take the threat. Particularly in light of the recent violence in Crandon and Cleveland, we felt we should share this information with you.’’

Evansville is the second school district in Rock County with homecoming disrupted by threats.

Edgerton High School’s pep rally set for today was canceled after rumors and threats circulated there would be a shooting at the event.

District Administrator Heidi Carvin said this morning she doesn’t think Evansville parents should be overly concerned.

“We think it was just a comment made to deliberately upset someone else as opposed to an actual threat to the school,’’ she said.

Evansville police questioned the former female Evansville High School student who made the threat and two students who told school authorities about the threat. After investigation, Carvin said, authorities have some question as to whether the students misunderstood the threat.

Carving doesn’t anticipate any arrests in the incident.

Added security measures were put in place for today, including limited building access and police on school grounds. Police also will be present during Saturday night’s homecoming dance at the school, Carvin said.

Students not attending school today would not be counted as absent, Carvin said.

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